Return Refund Policy Our Refund Policy

At our classified website, we provide customers with the convenience of canceling their recurring billing subscription product or service at any time. A cancellation means that no additional charges will be debited from the customer’s account. It’s crucial to emphasize that canceling a recurring billing product or service does not trigger a refund.

Cancellation Policy in Detail

When a customer contacts us via phone or email, our initial response is to offer assistance in accessing technical support or customer service relevant to the purchased product and/or service. However, there may be occasions when a product and/or service falls short of meeting the customer’s expectations due to factors entirely beyond our control. In such cases, we may initiate a return or cancellation process.

If a customer requests a return, we will reimburse the funds for the specific transaction to the customer. In situations where a return pertains to a recurring billing product, our return policy permits the refund of the most recent payment made. Multiple payment returns can be processed as long as they comply with the guidelines outlined in Classifieds’s Refund Policy. It’s important to underscore that a refund for a recurring billing product will also lead to a cancellation. In the event customers wish to cancel their recurring billing product, no further charges will be incurred on their account. Please be mindful that a cancellation does not result in a refund; its sole purpose is to cease any future charges.


Should you have any inquiries or require further elucidation concerning our cancellation policy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are readily available to provide you with assistance and support.

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